About Us

The APM factory occupies 160,000sq feet and employs over 30 people producing over 80,000 meters of finished moulding per month. That's 80,000 meters less of imports into the country,and provides indirect employment for another 35 people who are employed at Chamton.

APM produces about 450 stock items and also offers over 500 special custom made lines.One of the biggest benefits to making moulding right here in Australia is that the reaction time to a special needs is only a fraction of what it would be if you were to source it overseas. APM also has a vigorous quality control program where even the slightest defects are rejected during the quality control stage.

Having a major manufacturer making mouldings right here in Australia also means it is possible for virtually any framer to run their own moulding. A custom run moulding could be commissioned to suit a particular artist or a large commercial job, where it may be necessary to have an otherwise unavailable moulding.